For your convenience, Reliable Auto Finance offers several payment method options. Payments may be made by Check, Money Order, Credit/Debit Card, MoneyGram Express, Pay Near Me, Western Union, online, using a mobile device, or by authorizing automatic payment withdrawal from a checking or savings account. For your protection, Reliable Auto Finance does not accept cash payments. Click here to see more information on different ways to pay. Regardless of payment method, each monthly payment is due in full on or before the payment due date. There is no grace period. If, for any reason, you are unable to fulfill this requirement of your loan, you must contact Reliable Auto Finance prior to your payment due date at 800-373-9933.

As you know from the Customer Agreement and Disclosure Statement that you signed at your dealership, an electronic locating/disabling device has been installed on your vehicle. Under the terms of your loan, you have agreed not to tamper with it, disable or remove it, or allow someone else to do so. This device allows Reliable to locate your vehicle and, should you be in default on your loan, render your vehicle inoperable. Please stay in contact with Reliable Auto Finance, especially when you are unable to make a payment. The electronic locating/disabling device also helps protect your vehicle from theft. You may wish to contact your insurance company to determine if this qualifies you for a discount on your insurance. We are here to help make this a successful vehicle financing contract for you! 

The Reliable Auto Finance contract sets forth all requirements regarding insurance coverage. You are required to maintain both liability and physical damage insurance. Your policy must name Reliable Auto Finance as Lienholder, Loss Payee, and Additional Insured. Your deductibles cannot exceed $1,000. Failure to maintain full insurance coverage on your vehicle is a breach of your finance contract. If you receive a notification stating you need to provide proof of insurance from us, you will need to provide proof of insurance immediately. It can be faxed to us at 616-974-6145, texted to 800-373-9933, or emailed to info@reliableautofinance.com. If you are having trouble affording full coverage insurance, you can always look at our CPI coverage we offer. Keep in mind you must still carry PLPD on your vehicle. If you have any questions you can contact our office at 800-373-9933. 

Reliable Auto Finance requires you to obtain and provide evidence of physical damage insurance (full-coverage insurance), and that insurance must be active during the entire term of your finance agreement. If you do not provide evidence of physical damage insurance, Creditor Placed Insurance will be immediately placed on your account. Creditor Placed Insurance does not replace your state-required liability and property damage coverage. The Creditor Placed Insurance cost will be assessed in addition to your regular contracted payment amount. If you have any questions, you can contact our office at 800-373-9933. 

A well-maintained vehicle runs better, lasts longer, and costs less to operate. You are responsible for keeping your vehicle in good working order by making any necessary repairs and having maintenance and service work performed on a regular basis. Routine maintenance includes oil and filter changes, inspections of belts and hoses, tire rotations, and checks of tire pressure. Service work may be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty or any vehicle service contract. You are responsible for making your regular monthly payments on your loan, even if your vehicle is inoperable due to repairs. Reliable does offer the option for small repair loans if the repairs and your account meet our requirements.  To inquire about these options and requirements, please contact our office at 800-373-9933 

Contact your insurance company immediately to inform them of the accident.  You and your insurance carrier are responsible for repairing the vehicle.  During the time your vehicle is being repaired, you are still responsible for making your monthly payments. Should your insurance company determine your vehicle to be a total loss, you will need to immediately contact Reliable to provide insurance carrier contact information to enable us to process a settlement with your insurance company.  You will be responsible for any applicable insurance deductible and for any past due payments or other charges up to the date of the total loss. 

If you are enrolled in the Reliable CPI program and are involved in an accident, contact us immediately.  Should our third-party claim administrator determine your vehicle is a total loss, you will pay a deductible of $1000 and any amounts already due under the loan before the date of the loss. Should it be determined the vehicle is not a total loss, we will make commercially reasonable efforts to repair any damage resulting from the vehicle loss within a reasonable time.  You will pay a deductible of $1000.  You will need to continue to pay all amounts due under your loan, even while you are waiting for repairs to be made. 

If you have GAP Protection coverage, in the case of a total loss of your vehicle, you will not be responsible for the difference between the payoff amount for your vehicle and what your insurance pays for the loss of the vehicle. GAP insurance can only be added to your contract at the inception of your loan and cannot be added to your loan after you have finalized your loan at your dealer. If you did purchase GAP insurance and your vehicle is deemed a total loss by your insurance or CPI, please contact our office to initiate your claim. In most cases, a copy of the police report, taken at the time of the accident, is required. If you did not file a police report, a statement of loss may be required. Please contact us at 800-373-9933 to start your claim or any questions you may have. 

Please immediately contact Reliable Auto Finance with new phone or address information.  This will allow us to maintain contact with you, and for any correspondence to reach you in a timely manner.  Just contact our offices at 800-373-9933 to update your information.

You can call our offices at 800-373-9933 to request your current balance on your loan during office hours. Or you can also create a login on our customer portal.
Please be advised balances take 24 hours to update once a payment is made.

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